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We design websites, offer super fast UK based web hosting, and can even promote your website with our affordable Local SEO services. To keep you in the loop, we produce monthly ranking reports. These clearly outline the progress being made by your website in the search engine listings. Analysis and reporting are an important factor of every SEO project.

Please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch shortly to say hi and discuss how we can help. In 11 years one of our biggest challenges is dealing with so-called web designers and SEO experts. Brick Digital have gained our confidence and transitioned our website from obscure and outdated, to an enhanced look. There are a lot of Charlatans in this field and these guys are not among them. URL masking allows you to send users who hit your site to an alternative domain without them realising.

Make sure your chosen keywords appear several times in the page’s content. Your page will become hard to read and search engines are wary of this overloading technique. We have helped a number of St Albans based businesses grow by creating compelling, persuasive and optimised content for their online and offline marketing channels. Digital marketing enables you to connect with your target audience in ways that conventional marketing strategies cannot.

Being found on search engines in 2022 is all about publishing and sharing quality content. We combine our copywriting and SEO know-how to create compelling content for your website and other online marketing channels, expertly crafted to help your business rank higher on Google. Blogs are an excellent way to communicate directly with customers.

If you’re a business looking to grow your local customer base, digital marketing has never been more important. Mobile-based ‘Near Me’ searches have grown a massive 900% over the past 2 years. Even better, once a business is located, there’s an 80% probability that the searcher will visit with a day. Boost your online presence by investing in online advertising through the Google Ads platform.

Contact us today and experience why Finsbury Media are known as the SEO St Albans agency to work with. We will evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign regularly using a combination of data and intuition, making changes and improvements as needed and ensuring that your campaign is meeting its goals. Nobody can guarantee results and you should be wary of any company that says they can. We can of course project the likelihood of success based on your current activity, and will happily audit your account against our current best practices.

These campaigns are particularly useful for global e-commerce sites. It doesn’t get harder than this, but with our expertise the results are sure to come. For companies looking to increase traffic nationally, and not restricted to their local area, such as e-commerce websites and nationwide brands.

We use digital marketing to drive traffic, deliver leads and skyrocket sales. With more leads than ever being generated online, your business needs to act smarter and faster to pick them up. St Albans Marketing understand how critical it is to the success of your business to promote it online, so we employ some of the most creative and experienced web designers in the industry. Around 80% of the websites we see don’t have the basics in place for Google to index them correctly. OurSEO Starter Packwill make sure your website has the best chance of climbing up the search engine rankings and reaching your ideal customers. Imagefix will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive quote, based on the digital marketing services you want us to provide.

We’re also frequently commended for our thorough monthly reporting process. These monthly reports make clear exactly what we’ve been working on, along with breaking down the data into easily digestible tables and graphs. If certain strategies haven’t worked so well, perhaps because of a Google algorithm update working in an unexpected way, then we’ll show you that too. When it comes to SEO, measurement is the key to success. Our data-led approach means we measure progress based on your goals and KPIs, learning what’s working and identifying where iterative improvements can be made along the way. As a respected agency we are proud of our team, and the expertise that our SEO service delivers.

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