Most Popular Korean Games You Can Play

They will win once they can manage to return to their base or the head of the squid without the opponents pushing them out of the figure. It was an inspiration for one of the most memorable scenes in the show where participants started to lick their dalgona candy. 먹튀 is a game played in every region of South Korea. Once the tagger faces the players, none of them must move, or they are disqualified and captured at the post where the tagger stands.

Therefore, the payment for games mainly focuses on in-app purchases. As a matter of course, with such a great investment and support, the gaming field of South Korea has a lot of advantages to evolve, especially over the last 10 years. The recorded growth has been always on the rise per year.

Although it may appear confusing at first, it is a straightforward game. The order to play is often determined by other Korean traditional games like Kai Bai Bo, but it can also be other ones. These sticks feature two sides, one rounded with patterns and the other one flat. They are made to roll on a flat surface, like when you play a classic board game with dice. So, if ever you plan on playing this game, make sure you have someone that is up-to-date with pop music or probably even someone with a wide range of music tastes. You can also challenge your friends or family members by focusing on songs by your favorite band.

Gonggi Nori usually comes with 5 small pebbles or colored plastic stones. Most Korean adults know this recreational activity and play it with their family, remembering their childhood. A version all about using the lateral interior side of the kicking foot to kick the Jegi up in the air. A version all about keeping the foot kicking the Jegi in the air, so it doesn’t touch the ground until the end of the round.

After each guess, the game master will say whether the correct number is higher or lower. The person that correctly guesses the number is the winner and everyone else drinks. The simplest game often turns out to be the most intense! If you have strong fingers, you might have a shot at championing this game. Unlike the other drinking games, little to no thinking is involved.

At first glance, it looks very similar to our hopscotch, in that it involves jumping inside areas drawn on the ground with chalk. However, with a lot of imagination, this design is supposed to resemble a squid and the rules are different. You can see in some game names the addition of “”nori””, even if not always added like for Yut and Gonggi. Nowadays, neolttwigi is often performed during South Korean holidays like Chuseok and Dano.

The rope is not like the ropes used in a typical game of tug of war, but was a rope that was knotted in the middle in the shape of a crab. During these competitions, songs and instruments would be played to excite the audience and create tension between the competitors. In the 1920s when crab production increased, the traditional game was ceased and made its return during special holidays. A variety of Pong Hau K’i, Gonu’s name and rules vary by region; examples are pond, line or pumpkin gonu.

This game appears in the first episode but wasn’t formally played in Squid Game. Ttakji was introduced to the scene with Korean actors Gong Yoo and Lee Jung Jae’s characters. This is an outdoor activity that is similar to a seesaw. However, instead of sitting, players will stand on each opposite end.

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