We Found the Best Dog Food for Large Breed Puppies

Large-breed formulas tend to incorporate more fiber to help improve stool quality/firmness. Nutriment also produce a weaning paste to get puppies used to eating solid food. Puppies, like humans, can have bad habits when it comes to eating. Be mindful of following a healthy eating schedule and limiting treats so you don’t end up dealing with health concerns like obesity. Here are some frequently asked questions we think our readers might want to know more about. Dr. Pendergrass earned her veterinary degree from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, then completed a research fellowship at Emory University’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center.

That’s why we love this option—it’s packed with protein which means it can help your puppy build muscle at a rate that’s appropriate for his or her breed. Large-breed puppies grow very quickly, so they require more calories than small breeds; therefore it is important to choose a large-breed puppy food formula specifically designed for their needs. These large-breed best puppy food provide extra proteins and calories that these dogs need to support healthy growth and development. I feed my 4-year-old Havachon, Bella, Royal Canin’s small-breed kibble — formulated for small dogs from 10 months old to 8 years that weigh 9 pounds to 22 pounds — after it was recommended by my veterinarian. Select’s manager of editorial operations Shari Uyehara said she also feeds her dog Loki, a 1-year-old cavalier King Charles spaniel, the same formula after it was recommended by Loki’s breeder.

Keep in mind that although this is a lamb-based formula, it does contain traces of chicken fat, which could be problematic for dogs with a chicken allergy. You also want to make the transition to adult dog food gradually, replacing portions of their food bit by bit, so that they can properly adjust to the new food. This transition can take as long as a few weeks before they are ready to eat adult food solely. These are USDA approved human-grade meats with no artificial additives. This is truly a minimally processed option that is never cooked or heated, so there is maximum nutritional value.

Wet dog food (tins, sachets or aluminium-type trays) tends to be pricier and less convenient than dry food, but it’s more palatable, so it can be a better choice for fussy dogs. There are many choices on the market, but Harringtons is my top one. The range offers a wide choice of wet foods, including chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and salmon, with simple, specific ingredients making up the final product.

“We have the AAFCO to make sure that everything you feed is a form of dog food that’s nutritionally complete,” said Wakshlag. You should be able to find the statement — which the FDA considers one of the most important aspects of a dog or cat food label — on the back label . Feeding your puppy an appropriate diet that supports her growth and optimizes her health is not as hard as you might think. As long as you keep a few key things in mind when selecting your puppy’s diet, picking good food for a puppy is simple. Filled with up to $230 worth of products, our discounted price ($49.95) makes for incredible value! This new puppy bundle is available in different sizes – for small, medium, or large breed pups.

Pet Circle Vet Dr Carla discusses everything you need to know about puppy care. For more helpful videos, head over to Pet Circle’s Youtube Channel. Calcium is necessary to support the development of strong teeth and bones. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

There are so many options, and no reason you shouldn’t feed a variety of pet foods, raw, or fresh. The caveat with puppies is they are more prone to diarrhoea as new foods are introduced. I’d much rather address the source than treat the symptoms and will be changing diets for both dogs. One vet suggested we may have been feeding our older dog too much raw meat and told us the animal wouldn’t be able to process so much protein. I look forward to following guidelines outlined in the aforementioned book as I am not playing Russian Roulette with pet food from this day forward.

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