Enlightening and Empathetic YA Novels About Mental Illness

The book follows the therapy sessions of her clients at her Los Angeles-based practice, including the lessons she learns from them and the progress they’ve made along the way.

It has been a HARD year and a half, and TBH, most of us could use a refresher on the fundamentals of mental health care (like how to understand it and take care of yourself…ya know, the basics). Of all the resounding themes in YA, struggling with anxiety and depression — or any type of mental illness — is right up there with first love. Perhaps it’s because our teen years are when so many complicated mental health issues first arise. There are also the everyday stressors of growing up, which can push just about anyone over the edge.

With powerful alternatives to conventional treatment modalities, this audio content unleashes ways of revolutionizing mental health treatment plans. It comes as a 52-week standard form with exercises that help us in realizing what we are grateful for and how we can practice spreading words of gratitude to ourselves and others. I see things differently is part of the well-known ‘A First Look At’ series. Psychologist Pat Thomas has presented some astounding findings on autism spectrum disorders and intervention techniques for managing them. The helpful list of books on The Ability Toolbox contains examples of real-life encounters that many children can relate to, for example, dealing with problems at school, fighting with friends, and issues with parents.

Janet Frame was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age and spent eight years in mental hospitals in New Zealand. She was given a primitive form of electroconvulsive therapy and was about to have a lobotomy when a hospital official read that she had won a literary prize. Visit your local library website to find out how to join the library and access books electronically. Using a practical clinical perspective, Varcarolis’ Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health … Providers and consumers of mental health services are increasingly making use of the internet … This Women’s Equality Day, learn about what still needs to change – and how you can play a part in making it happen.

A haunting and hopeful book about loss, love, and redemption.” When Ingrid commits suicide, Caitlin feels as if she’s been left with nothing. But as she travels through Ingrid’s final days, which she left in a journal for Caitlin, the girl left behind comes closer to finding hope. In this inspirational self-help book, Admiral William H. McRaven aims to help readers focus on the little things through life lessons from people he encountered during his time in the military service. This book not only offers relevant tips, but also examines current issues within the mental health system and how to successfully navigate the health healthcare system as a Black person. Kay Redfield Jamison’s unique perspective on bipolar disorder as both the patient and the practitioner has made An Unquiet Mind one of the most well-regarded pieces ever written on the topic.

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