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Liability insurance costs in New York can vary widely between insurance companies. Liability insurance rates are generally factored using a) the gross sales for the business, b) the gross payroll for employees and owners, c) the square footage of the premises and d) any sub-contractor exposures . New York general liability rates are developed at a rate per $1,000 utilizing one or more of the above factors.

Business Insiderranks New York the 28thout of the fifty states in a list of the best states to start a business. New York has one of the highest tax rates and costs of living in the country. However, it has one of the highest rate of new entrepreneurs thanks to the massive opportunities in the state.

First, write a letter to your state representatives hereSecond, tell one other contractor to do the same. Inland Marine – Chances are, you have a ton of equipment that you own to use for your business, as well as temporary pieces you may rent or lease. The equipment will be insured on an Inland Marine policy or Equipment Floater.

Advertising Liability – Do you advertise for your contracting business at all? Even if it is just on social media, you could unknowingly cause damages to another business by what you post. Your competitors may be watching and if they feel that something you posted resulted in financial damages to them, like loss of business, they can sue you for that in addition to libel, slander, and defamation. Take advantage of discounts.If they’re not offered to you when getting a quote, ask about them, whether you’re buying online or through an agent. In order to get the best price, you need to make sure to shop around with a few companies or a digital broker like CoverWallet to compare several quotes before selecting the right one for you. If you have feedback, or have a question about a small business issue or small business insurance email ourSmall Business mailbox.

This type of insurance pays losses arising from damage to others’ property, real or alleged bodily injury, and personal injury that occurred on your property or as a result of your business operations. It may seem obvious that a vehicle owned by your business should be insured for both liability and physical damage. What is less obvious is that you may also need special insurance, called non-owned automobile coverage, if you or your employees use your personal vehicles on company business. This policy covers the business’s liability for any damage that may result from such usage. Do you realize that if you send an employee out to pick up pizza for the crew and he/she gets in an auto accident, your business could get sued even if the vehicle is not company owned?

In SEI’s experience, labor law is the most overlooked aspect in construction insurance policies and arguably the most important to an employer’s business. Specific to New York state, your general liability policy needs to take into account the labor law exclusion. For example, if your business was in another state and your employee got hurt on the job, your workers’ compensation policy would pay the employee’s bills. In New York, however, the employee can file a suit against the property owner and/or general contractor who, by means of an indemnification agreement, will then look to the employer for coverage.

We’re an independent agency representing more than 35 national and regional commercial insurance companies. Most of our partners are actively quoting NY business liability insurance. We make our insurance companies compete for your insurance business. They know we want lower rates and bigger discounts for our customers. We’re laser-focused on delivering super quick insurance quotes with bottom dollar prices.

Even if you can get away without general liability insurance, you might have a difficult time getting clients without it. And general contractors usually require subcontractors to have it before they will consider working with them. Taking these steps will help ensure you’re not paying too much for your general liability coverage in New York. BROKER— Licensed producers , primarily representing the buyer to the insurance company.

The final cost of liability coverage from one business to the next will vary significantly based on the SIC code or the insurance company’s own classification system for GL rating. Some additional factors used to develop insurance costs include the nature of your business, your physical location, prior claims experience, and your years in business. New York requires that anyone who employs at least one person, whether full or part time, carry workers compensation insurance. Sole proprietors, partners, and one/two person corporate officers with no employees are not required to carry workers compensation. There is a vast amount of insurance companies that do business in New York, so between that and the fact that each business is different, the cost of insurance will vary widely.

It protects against claims of professional negligence, both actual or alleged, and helps pay for defense costs. The insurance products on (the “”Site””) are underwritten by different carriers dependent on the relevant line of business – see Coverage is typically capped at a specific dollar amount for your policy period.

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